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Being an extremely easy procedure, it gives you flexibility and great results.

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Arm Fat: 

Is your arm fat affecting your confidence?

Other times they collect in some of the unexpected areas in your body to prevent your clothes from fitting well. Overall body fat and body weight is a good indicator for health. Read on to fix this!

If you are currently going through weight loss – possibly doing strength training and trying to eater fewer calories you may be building arm muscles, yet still can’t get rid of the unwanted arm fat.

No amount of tricep dips and healthy diet alone can target spot reduction on the arms.

This excess fat may significantly plummet your confidence levels just as it could also inconvenience your free body movements.

LF2Sculpt Body Sculpting

Body contouring is perfect for the arms as it can target specific areas. Even able to help in cellulite reduction and skin tightening the treatment gives new collagen product to aid the build of muscle and reduction of fat on the arms.

If you want to increase muscle mass and have fat loss – LF2Sculpt is the equivalent of 20,000 bicep curls in just 30 minutes!

Targeting subcutaneous fat on the upper arms, it will tone and remove excess arm fat forever. This is only possible if you continue to follow a healthy lifestyle, control your calorie deficit through a balanced diet ad enjoy a diet full of whole grains to avoid weight gain.

The main culprits of excess fat in your body normally are the belly, chest, back and arms.

reduce fat on arms Birmingham non surgical treatments


Remedy for men and women!

To address this problem, so common in both men and women, there is a risk-free fat freezing procedure which will accord you the best results.

The fat freezing procedure allows you to maximize your time out of work, to get your body shape fixed.

Being an extremely easy procedure, it gives you flexibility and great results.

While this process is proven to work well with higher success rates, it should be accompanied by drinking of the right amount of water, eating the right diet and also working out, in order to realize quicker and sustainable results.

Fat Freezing Procedure

This is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure which uses cold temperatures.

Cooling paddles are applied to the area with the excess fat. The fat inside the body freezes first before the body freezes, as attested by a research done into frostbite.

The cold temperatures damage the fat cells, thereby reducing the fat in the particular area. This is a fast, natural and secure way of reducing your body fat in unwanted areas.

It eliminates all the concerns about the side-effects of surgical procedures which make a good number of people pursuing beauty to second-guess.

But why the arms for Fat Freezing Procedure?

The arms happen to be the most prominent of body parts.

This conspicuousness necessitates the need for removal of these fats to either allow your clothes to fit well to freely move your arm without restrictions.

The arms will show if you have reneged on your gym workouts, embraced physical inactivity, or if you have thrown your diet regimen out of the window!

As such, the Fat Freezing Procedure on the arms gives you the opportunity to get back your dream body without much hassle and danger.

Whether it is genetic or caused by lifestyle, your arm fat could vanish in just but days!

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Fat freeze cryolipolysis treatment Procedure  gives you the best results on the arms without causing you unnecessary discomfort ordinarily associated with the surgical procedures.

Equally, this process leaves a firm and healthy skin as there is no skin damage which is characteristic of other fat reduction procedures.

Additionally, fat freezing procedure uses no needles, thereby preserving the texture of your body even as it restores your arm to the right proportion.

Another outstanding merit of the fat freezing procedure is that there is no recovery time involved.

This means once you are undergone this procedure, you continue with your normal activities.

HIFU fat reduction and skin toning

If you have insulin sensitivity, the body stores fat as excess weight.

Resistance training is a great way to boost metabolism and remove excess body fat, and in turn reduce your body composition.

HIFU uses radio frequency, perfect on all areas of the body from the inner thighs, lower abdomen, chin area, love handles but especially the arms and help reduce the appearance of cellulite!

The fat leaves the body via the lymphatic drainage and areas of fat and loose skin.

These stubborn pockets of fat, in specific areas of the body are hard to shift yet with HIFU you can get amazing results.

The common areas or problem areas on the parts of the body mean it is harder to reduce these areas with good diet and health alone.

Our handheld device used at our aesthetics clinic uses ultrasound waves with no possible side effects. The ultrasound energy gives even better results compared to traditional liposuction, with no need for general anaesthetic and tailored to your individual needs.

From the first session, you will have increased blood flow with the HIFU ultrasound cavitation treatment that not only improve your skin tone and through go through the skin layers with sound waves to give tissue tightening and fat reduction in the treatment area.

If you are conscious of your flabby arms, HIFu is a great way to tone the arms and reduce fat and remove more commonly know as bingo wings in the arm area.



Fat freezing procedure on the arms allows you to attain the right body and shape, while also reducing the chances of excessive fat removal. from legs to outer thighs, double chin and even most solid fat deposits.

In the other surgical procedures, people may experience situations when the fat removed is exceedingly much leaving them with unproportionally bodies, which may be an eyesore. Follow healthy eating and regular exercise to maintain your results.

However, with fat freezing on the arms, there is zero side effects resulting in a rejuvenated skin

All our treatments are FDA approved and fully safe.

With no need for anaesthesia and no downtime this makes it the perfect way to have cellulite treatments or a course of treatment with little downtime and tailored treatments.

The number of treatments you will need to remove fatty deposits to remove stubborn fat and unwanted fat depends on each individual client.

Treatment plan of our non invasive procedures can be compiled via a consultation today.

These are perfect alternatives to arm reduction surgery and cosmetic surgery.
If you are looking into arm reduction or an arm lift, invasive treatment can give maximum results but with high risks to your health/

Our teatments have proven track record to remove fatty tissue in a treated area.