Benign Moles Removal Birmingham The Key For A Flawless Skin

Despite being free from health risks, many people choose to remove benign moles.

Most often, people who opt to have their moles removed is due to cosmetic reasons.

Without benign moles on the skin, people become confident to show off their skin. So, it drives them to undergo benign mole removal treatment.

Benign Moles Removal Birmingham made Easy....

What you need to know about Benign Moles treatment
Benign Moles treatment
How Effective Is Cryopen Cryosurgical Treatment?

When people think about benign mole removal, scars, and pain may be a concern to a client.

However at Lipofreeze 2 U our Cryopen Cryosurgical Treatment is different.

Cryopen is an advanced and state-of-the-art cosmetic treatment that uses extremely cold temperature to destroy the unwanted benign moles safely and painlessly on the skin surface.

Skin imperfections can be removed without worrying about pain or scars.

The procedure typically lasts in less than a minute, depending on the number of moles that need to be removed.

So you can be out of the session quickly with no down time!

How Long Is The Treatment?

If for example patient has a 2mm sized benign mole, it will only take 10 seconds to remove the mole using the nitrous oxide and freezing the target area.

The healthy tissue surrounding the mole will be unaffected

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How To Get Rid of Benign Moles

People may have benign mole removal Array for different reasons.

It can affect your confidence having a big, dark, and sometimes hairy mole on the cheek or in any other parts of the body, and it may be you want to remove it for aesthetic reasons.

If someone has larger mole t with irregular colouring and shape, you may opt for a surgical mole removal like Cryopen Cryosurgical Treatment for health reasons.

There are also ways you can look to avoid to develop new moles; preventing sun damage by wearing sunscreen, using protective clothing, and seeking shade regularly are good tips.

You should also check your body often, especially when skin is exposed to the sun for long periods.

benign mole removal Birmingham faq

Cryopen cryotherapy treatment is the controlled removal of unwanted and annoying benign tissue with the precise application of extreme cold using the Cryopen.

The Cryopen freezes the mole area and at the same time controls the freeze to avoid damage to the healthy skin tissue surrounding the area.

This type of treatment can remove hyper-pigmentation, cherry angiomas, milia, verruca’s, warts, and skin tags. These all are the various types of skin lesions that can be seen on the body or face.

Why Do People Get Benign Moles?
Benign moles are made of cells known as melanocytes, which is responsible for making pigments called melanin.
There are two significant melanin functions, first is to protect the body against ultraviolet light and then, to give the skin and hair a natural colour.
People can develop benign moles anywhere on the body where they can occur at birth.
Thus, it is possible for others to develop moles throughout their lifetime.
People can be born with benign moles or may develop new ones as they age — those who have darker skin complexion often born with or develop darker moles.
Why Is Benign Mole Removal Beneficial?

Benign mole removal sometimes means removing the potentially cancerous moles.

Other than that, it can increase self-confidence to those who are self-conscious about their appearance.

What Preparations Are Made Before the Procedure

Before the procedure you should not apply makeup or lotion on the mole area.

If you have any health concerns please advise us prior to treatment.

When to See a Specialist

A specialist should check benign moles that appear during adulthood.

It is highly recommended to see a dermatologist yearly.

If you are unsure of your benign moles or you want to have it removed, do not hesitate to contact us today.

We offer you state-of-the-art treatment and excellent service, Lipofreeze 2 U operates across locations in the U.K and offers in home visits at no extra cost.